Purpose Machine type Manufacturer QTY
3D printer W27 Epsilon 1
Automatic Crimp Centre Gamma 333 Komax 1
Automatic Crimp Centre CC64 Schleuniger 1
Automatic Crimp Centre Gamma 225 Komax 1
Cable binding machine AXRO Cyklop NL 1
Cable processing machine CC1300 Schleuniger 1
Cable processing machine Kappa 350 Komax 1
Cable processing machine PS 9500 Schleuniger 1
Epoxy dispenser Ultimus Nordson 1
Heat shrink and tubes cutting Shrink cut 100 Haloblazue 1
Heat shrinking STCS-LC Mecalbi 2
Heat shrinking Heat Guns Bosch 8
High precision resistance measurement DRO10HD Megger 1
High Voltage Electrical tester 4250 Cirris 1
Jacket Stripper JS 8310 Schleuniger 1
JST IDC hand presses SUR series JST 3
Kolver torque screwdrivers Various Kolver 3
Low Voltage Electrical tester Various Adaptronic 3
Low Voltage Electrical tester WK1040 Weetech 2
Pneumatic presses Various Various 4
Pneumatic scissors GT-NY10/15 Loonpon 2
Pneumatic stripping device WirTech 600 WireTech 1
Resistance welding F160S Miyachi 2
Resistance welding - hot crimp GF10200 Castech 1
Semi automatic crimping machine T816 KingSing 3
Semi automatic crimping press HP12485 Hilpress 1
Semi automatic tape assembly KTL 10 Kabatec 1
Semi-automatic cable tie machine AT2000 Hellermann tyton 1
Semi-automatic crimping machine P400 PicoTool 2
Semi-automatic crimping machine WDT UP14 ZLW Komax 1
Semi-automatic crimping machine WDT UP60 Komax 1
Shrinking device HDTR-D4 Haloblaze 1
Soldering station DDE-2A JBC 7
Stripper - crimper BT722 Komax 2
Stripper - crimper Hanke 740 Hanke 2
Stripper - crimper PP3 KrimpSystems 1
Stripping machine US2600 Schleuniger 1
Stripping machine Mira 340 Komax 2
Stripping machine Al 01 ZF 1
Tape assembly Z-CUT9 Yaesu 5
Thermo fiberglass cutting TC230 Proxxon 1
Tinning pots 301B Hakko 5
Top miller OptiMill BF20V Optimum 1
Torque testers 0-5 Nm Kolver 1
Unbraiding machine KS-W02 KingSing 1
Unbraiding machine BSB 1017 Boewe 1
Visual inspection camera Keyence HD Keyence 1
Wire twisting device KS-W02 KingSing 1
Wire twisting device Wire twisting Shintoku 1
Full HD QC camera ZIP Tagamo 2

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