Model Brand Description
Mira 340 Komax Programmable exceptional rotary head wire stripping and shortening machine. Suitable for hard to process or high quality process requirement wires. High range of wire sizes and high precision of rotary head.

High productivity due to sequential processing of multi-conductor and multi-layer cables.
KS-W02 KingSing Cable shield braid brushing and twisting machine. Can be used for various ground cables, braided cables, shielded cables and various kind of twisting operation. Adjustable speed and cable diameter.
BSB-1017 Bowe Cable shield and braid brusher with long brushes for longer stripping lengths. Adjustable speed, rotation, automatic start and processing of various cable diameters.
KT-210 Adaptronic Low voltage electrical tester with 256 testing points. Continuity test, short circuit test and component test.
DDE-2A JBC Soldering station with 2 tools control unit, who manages simultaneously 2 tools. Full control of soldering process. Temperature setting from 90°C to 450°C. We use with micro-tweezers to ensure even heat transfer on the product.
Cable feeder PMB In-house development of wire and cable feeding unit for automatic crimping and cutting machine.
ZIP Tagarno High end full-HD camera system. 30x optical zoom, 60 FPS high frame rate, 280 mm working depth and 53x magnification level.
KTL 10 Kabatec Compact, program-controlled taping machine is ideally suited to the taping of cable harnesses and small modules with a maximum tape length of 1000 mm
Gamma 333 PC-B Komax Fully automatic crimping machine, for cross sections 0.13 - 5mm2 (AWG 26 - AWG 10)
Crimp Center CC64 Schleuniger Fully automatic crimping machine, for cross sections 0.13 - 6mm2 (AWG 26 - AWG 10)
Gamma 255 Komax Fully automatic crimping machine, for cross sections 0.0123 - 2.5mm2 (AWG 36 - AWG 14)
Kappa 350 Komax Cutting and stripping machine, for cross sections 2.5 - 120mm2 (AWG14 - AWG 5/0)
STCS-LC Mecalbi Description: The STCS LC (Longitudinal Conveyor) is a heat shrink system based on infrared resistors, which is able to process s everal and different types of parts at the same time. Different from any other, the LC guarantees flexibility by shrinking virtually almost everything. Fro m n ormal splices to special applications, one single machine can do it all.

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