Heat Shrinking machine for Heat Shrink tube processing.

The New Haloblaze HDTR-D4. It offers increased control over time and heat intensity settings. User friendly digital control panels. The Haloblaze range of Heat shrink tube processing machine device are designed to reduce the costs of heat shrink processing. These new innovative machines reduce costs when compared to the traditional heat gun method. Faster, safer and give the operator full quality control over the shrink process.

Key information

Heat Shrinking machine device for Heat Shrink tube processing.

Introducing the New Haloblaze HDTR-D4 . Offering further control for time and heat intensity settings. The Haloblaze Heat shrinking machine device is designed to reduce the costs of heat shrink tube processing.

There are two models in the range, EcoShrink-D4 & HDTR-D4. The Eco-Shrink D4 1200w is best suited to darker applications for example, black tube, darker adhesive lined tubing whereas the HDTR-D4 (1600w) is best suited to lighter, coloured or more heavy duty materials.
These new Eco-smart machines reduce costs especially when compared to the older heat gun methods due to being faster processing, safer and giving operators full quality control over the shrink process.

The innovative design. Allows for full 360 degree shrink without the need to turn the cable.

Quick heat up time of the lamps therefore operates for half the time of a traditional heat gun.

The HDTR-D4 Heat Shrinking machine is almost totally silent and keeps the heat generated within the machine hence improving the working and safety environments for operators.

Uses 75% less energy than a traditional heat gun method: Halogen technology to reduce operating costs.
3.5″ Touch Screen HMI; New Touch screen control for increased programming capability.
Heat intensity control: Heat adjustment eliminating risk of burning shrink tubing.
360 Degree Shrinking: Innovative design allowing 360 degree shrinking without the need for turning the cable.
Processing viewing window: Operator friendly viewing window allowing optical inspection and easy set up.
Light weight design with carry handle: Portable and fully electric for easy transportation.
Fully Safe:
New Software Features
Up to 99 program memory – also save and recall programs from memory
Sequential time processing for up to 5 separate time settings-
Easy program set up –
Audible Cycle Buzzer – Hence giving the operator clear signals for start and stop.
Cycle counter with reset function
Operator functions disable
Cycle abort button –Therefore allowing operators to cancel a faulty cycle.
Manual and Timer modes
For further information on heat shrinking machines or if you have an application you would like us to look at do not hesitate to contact us now. If you would like to send samples for processing we will happily process these and send you a private movie link showing the results. This helps to determine application suitability, establish process timing and ergonomics etc…

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